Dont nudge this yet Putin body language showing leader could be at his deadliest

Russia: Sanctions have 'put pressure' on Putin says Fisher

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While Putin was silent about plans for any escalation, he exhorted Russians to battle and repeated his assertions that they were again fighting Nazis. His forces continued to destroy the infrastructure of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol where the last Ukrainian troops are holding out. Body language expert Judi James has warned Putin should not be “nudged”.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms James said: “He reminds me of that firework that doesn’t go off and somebody has to go out there and nudge it with their toe and it suddenly explodes.

“There’s something about his body language that implies don’t judge this yet with your toe.

“He might be looking ill but when he went to make his speech, he changed his state considerably.

“When he stood on stage he went from this man who was slightly unsteady he suddenly looked up and looked straight into the camera.

“That’s what worried me because when an alpha is beleaguered when an alpha is showing weakness it can often be at its deadliest.”

She added: “The anger is there and that can be when somebody is at their most dangerous.

“When they feel weak, feel threatened and they respond with anger.”

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