Dopey driver calls police to rescue tortoise to discover its an exhaust silencer

A dopey motorist quickly called police to rescue a tortoise on the side of the road – but amused officers discovered it was actually an upturned exhaust pipe.

Police were called after a driver reported seeing an animal stranded on its back in Water Orton, North Warwickshire.

But when officers arrived at the scene on Monday, they hilariously found the stranded tortoise was in fact just a rusty old exhaust pipe.

Warwickshire Police's Atherstone and Coleshill team posted pictures of the stranded "tortoise" on Facebook.

They wrote: "Never a dull moment.

"Control: 'We have had a report of an obstruction in the road can you attend Marsh Lane, Warton Orton please as there is an upside down tortoise causing traffic issues."'

Alongside photos of a rusty upturned exhaust pipe, police jokingly add: "Officers attends…"

Social media users have also managed to see the funny side to the concerned man's mistake and have been throwing in their own comments, The Sun reported.

One wrote: "It could have been a turtle disaster."

Another added: "What a Turtle waste of Police time. I hope you make the caller shell out."

One other user joked: "No doubt the car it came off will be going as slowly as a tortoise now so as not to cause a noise nuisance."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Must be 'exhausted' poor mite. The whole thing could've been a Turtle Disaster."

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In other peculiar animal news, a hungry badger has led archaeologists to what has been described as an “exceptional find” of Roman coins.

The trove of 209 coins, dating from between the third and fifth century AD, were spotted just a few feet away from a badger’s den in the forests of Grado in the Spanish region of Asturias.

Researchers believe that the blanket of snow which covered vast swaths of the country as part of Storm Filomena forced the animal to step up its foraging efforts to find food.

This in turn caused it to prod at a small crack near its den in the hopes of uncovering berries or worms.

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