Droves of Americans still voting for Trump – US President on track for re-election

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Voters in the US will go to the polls on 3 November to decide whether Donald Trump remains in the White House for another four years. Mr Trump is being challenged by Joe Biden, the Democratic Party nominee. In most polls Mr Biden has been ahead of Donald Trump in national polls for most of the year.

Mr Biden has been ahead of Mr Trump in most polls throughout 2020.

He has held a position of having around 50 percent approval rating with Mr Trump holding 42 percent in recent polls.

A senior Trump campaign adviser called Steve Cortes said: “Trump has often been underestimated and relishes the role of the underdog.

“Many of the doubts being voiced now replicate similar scepticism from this time four years ago.”

A YouGov poll in July showed that 68 percent of Trump supporters feel “enthusiastic” about him.

This is in contrast to Biden supporters as only 40 percent of the Democrat leader’s supporters feel enthusiastic about his chances.

Mr Trump has supprt from across the Midwest, from Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa down to Kansas and Missouri.

The incumbent president has most of his support base amougst those without university degrees who are white and male.

To succeed the Trump campaign is aiming to take key Midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

Speaking of Mr Trumps strategy for re-election to the Times, leader of Barack Obama’s campaign Jim Messina said: “That’s his only shot.

“His only way to win is to figure out a way back in the Midwest and hold Florida.

“There’s no simulation where he loses Florida and gets re-elected.”

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The states that Mr Trump is concentrating on to gain re-election trust him more on the economy.

However, voter impression that Mr Trump will deliver on the economy has eroded significantly since lockdown.

Mr Messina said: “The only reason this thing isn’t over is Trump still leads on the economic stuff.

“The thing Biden most needs to do is have swing voters understand that he’s okay on the economy.”

Mr Trump still leads Mr Biden in the rural areas of the “rust belt” states.

Speaking to The Times a pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in central Pennsylvania called Edward Mallonee said: “I know Donald Trump isn’t perfect, neither am I.

“But he cares about his country.

“He’s taken a stand to stop the deep state, the socialism, the one world order takeover.

“He’s put a stop to this and they don’t like it, the antifa crowd, the satanist people.

“There are black people shooting black people every weekend.
“It doesn’t seem to matter to these people.”

Opinion poll organisation the Trafalgar Group place Donald Trump higher than other polls.

Group founder Robert Cahaly spoke about those who will vote for Trump but are not vocal about it, he calls this the ‘shy Trump’ effect.

He said: “I think the shy Trump effect is significantly greater than in 2016.

“The worse that was said about you then, if you voted for Trump, was that you were deplorable.

“Now, the word deplorable might be the nicest word that someone would use.”

Mr Cahaly said he is getting a sense of déjà vu from 2016 when Mr Trump surprised the polls to win the election.

Mr Cahaly said the current cancel culture has made many people wary of admiting openly they will cote for Mr Trump.

He said: “So many people are petrified of somebody judging them as racist or sexist.”

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