Drum teacher hit girls bottoms with sticks and had affair with teenage pupil

A Scottish boarding school drum teacher is facing jail after it was discovered he had an affair with a 17-year-old pupil for several months.

The sick teacher would also repeatedly assault his teenage girl students with his drumsticks and subjected one sixth-form girl to 'sex-talk', a court heard.

James Clarke had been teaching drums at the Perthshire school since 2012 after he left as chief instructor for pipes and drums in the British Army.

Clarke was found guilty on three charges of common assault by hitting girls' bottoms, three charges of breach of trust by sexual activity and one charge of communicating indecently with a pupil at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Monday.

The victims were seven girls aged 13 to 18, the court heard.

One tragic pupil told said the 6ft 2 former army man had left her feeling "violated" from constant strikes on the bottom, Daily Record reports.

Another ex-pupil said that the "creep" told her that "the two of us should have children together" during the school's Christmas concert.

Other pupil's said that when they tried to challenge him about hitting their bottoms, the father-of-six would tell them: "I'm your school dad".

The court heard that the 'illicit affair' with the 17-year-old occurred during 2018 until February 2019 when she went to the headmaster.

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The girl, now 20, said Clarke had abused her in multiple rooms in the school, as well as his car, stating "in the duty office, in the drying room, the junior common room, the senior common room and — at one point — in the children's tuck cupboard".

During getting a lift in his car she said the teacher had put his hand on her thigh and pulled over to start kissing her.

During another journey she said he unbuttoned her jeans while driving along the motorway and started touching her underneath her pants.

The victim, who is described as an "underdeveloped" girl with ADHD and a functioning age lower than expected, said that Clark told her she couldn't tell anyone or he would lose his job.

She said she never consented to what had happened between them.

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Jurors on Monday found Clark not guilty of sexually assaulting her, but guilty of sexual activity with a pupil under his care.

Clark, who now works as a gardener, said he was "going to have to live with this for the rest of my life, and, chances are, go to prison".

The victim fought back against the defence suggestion that she had "not once" told Clark to stop was false.

She said: "I froze. I was not a willing party. I didn't feel I had the right to say no, because I didn't like my body."

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