DUs gymnastics team qualified for Nationals in an upset at NCAA tournament

DU’s gymnasts deserve a place in the sports pages

A high-caliber NCAA event was held at Magness Arena on Sunday, April 2. Yet, sadly, there is no mention of it in The Denver Post.

The now-No. 8 ranked Denver Pioneers gymnastics team upset a loaded field in front of a nearly sold-out crowd to win the meet and qualify for Nationals, the elite 8 of college gymnastics. To give an example of the caliber of gymnastics, Olympic champion Jade Carey was there competing all around for Oregon State.

It was a beautiful moment and a magical night for the Pioneers. The profile of college gymnastics has never been higher, and the Pioneers have a lot to cheer for. #MarchGladness

Vanessa Zink, Colorado Springs

50% of athletes locked out of professional opportunity in Denver

I’ve supported men in sports in Denver for years, and millions of our tax dollars have gone to stadiums where our men shine. But Denver is a desert city for female professional athletes and teams. Enough! Fifty percent of the population are sitting it out as spectators of men’s sports in this city. Why?

It is time to step up. We need money and commitment to bring high-quality women’s soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and more teams to the Mile High City. Why do we have to wait for the Olympics to shine the spotlight on women in skiing and gymnastics? We need professional women’s sports teams in Denver now!

Jeanette Baust, Denver

Great to see CU women’s moment in spotlight

Thanks for the coverage, and super photographs, of the University of Colorado women and their journey through the NCAA tournament. So little of women’s sports gets covered in any news medium, so it was great to see the basketball team in the paper.

Candace Taylor, Lakewood

On Trump indictment: Righteous or vindictive?

After reading Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump and accompanying statement of facts, I’m stunned any prosecutor would move forward with this. The case is even flimsier than we were led to believe. Thirty-four stacked counts, bootstrapped to an unstated crime, to manufacture phony felony charges.

I’m not a Donald Trump fan, but the media needs to acknowledge what your readers already know — this is nothing more than the latest in six years of continuous legal harassment by the Democrat Party aimed at diminishing his presidency and preventing his reelection. Which is to say, it’s blatant election interference.

Steve Holloway, Lakewood

How can anyone continue to put up with the whiny victim rhetoric from former President Donald Trump? I say if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, and quit behaving like a witch and you might not get hunted. Republicans need to look in the mirror and decide: Do you want to be the party of Lincoln or the party of Trump?

Jerry Witt, Commerce City

I spent more time in jail (45 minutes) on a failure to appear arrest (forgot to pay an animal control ticket) than Trump after being charged with 34 felonies.

Bill Powell, Wheat Ridge

We got Avs and Nuggets, yes we do … how about you?

I find it ironic that in our dusty little cowtown, we can get Altitude with the Avalanche and Nuggets on Allo, and a lot of folks in your big dusty cowtown are blacked out of Altitude on Comcast. Can you say corporate greed? I thought you could.

John LaPorte, Fort Morgan 

Questioning the First Lady’s intent

Re: “The white privilege of Jill Biden’s White House invite,” April 6 commentary

Calling out First Lady Jill Biden’s invitation as racially motivated is irresponsible. White privilege exists. Racism exists. Prejudice exists. Athletes who reach national prominence have a powerful platform from which to address this. They realize that.

Who is Jill Biden? Does she have a past you can look at to determine whether or not her comments were consistent with your interpretation? Or is she simply an uneducated sports fan who made the mistake of challenging a random tradition with her “everybody who makes it to the national championship game is a winner” take?

Samuel A Ramirez, Ketchikan, Alaska

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