Eccentric £11m Lottery winner found dead after living for years as a hermit

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    A lottery winner who scooped up an £11million jackpot has died after years of living in near-complete isolation like a hermit.

    Paul Maddison, a former double-glazing firm boss and ex-business partner Mark Gardiner scooped a whopping £22,590,829 in 1995. Since his win, Paul, who sadly died aged 73 in Perth on November 28, has lived an isolated life.

    His death, recently confirmed by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, comes just months after the death of his wife Evelyn Maddison, 62, the DailyRecord reported.

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    No suspicious circumstances were lodged by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Scotland, with the family informed of his death.

    Originally from Hastings, East Sussex, Paul moved to Perth and enjoyed a quieter lifestyle until a few months later when his wife at-the-time, Ruth, walked out on him for another man.

    Mr Maddison then moved into the six-bedroom Lettertabor Lodge and hired future wife Evelyn McGillivary to clean it. The pair married on a beach in Mauritius on Valentine's Day in 1997.

    The publicity shy bloke made headlines once or twice following on from his lotto win, once in 1999 for suing a small laundrette, which failed to remove a stain. He was seeking £953 in compensation for a "pink tint" left on his bedspread.

    The outcome of the legal action between The Laundry Shop and Mr Maddison is unknown. He and Evelyn later moved on to Robgill Tower in Dumfries, where they lived a "reclusive" lifestyle, reportedly never seen by their neighbours.

    Security cameras, remote-controlled gates and an intercom to vet visitors were installed by Paul immediately on their arrival to the £650,000 property.

    By 2008, the pair had decided to downsize their home and put the castle on the market for £2.8million. They moved back to the Perth and Kinross area together.

    Former florist Evelyn told the Record: "It has been a fabulous and very happy house but it has become too big for us. Sometimes we move bedrooms just for a change but really it's time for the next part of the dream and we want to downsize.

    "We have done the big house thing. Now we want something more manageable. This house is lottery fantasy now. Maybe another winner will buy it."

    Evelyn is said to have passed away earlier this year after a health battle. Paul has now passed away with the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal Service saying: "The Procurator Fiscal received a report in connection with the death of a 73-year-old man in Perth on 28 November 2023.

    "Following investigation the Procurator Fiscal concluded that no further action was required. The family have been informed."

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