Eerie abandoned buildings including demonic church given tiny twist by artist

At a glance, these abandoned buildings look like the usual derelict places uncovered by urban explorers.

But all is not as it seems.

The images in fact show miniature models of deserted buildings created by the incredibly talented and resourceful artist, Julie Twydell.

Hauntingly realistic, they are every bit as eerie and intriguing as the real-life locations scoped out by urban explorers.

London-based Julie started creating the 'creepy' miniature artwork as a new creative hobby, taking inspiration from her love of urban explorers on YouTube.

She went down a rabbit-hole, discovering derelict buildings online then recreating them using everyday household objects over an eight-month period.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: "I'm a creative person anyway. If I see any interesting craft, I like to try things and see if I enjoy it.

"I watch urban explorers on YouTube so I thought why not give it a go and make miniature versions.

"This is just a hobby but sometimes I do sell them. They're not too expensive to make.

"I normally use everyday things to make them like cardboard and foamboard.

"They can just be time-consuming because depending on how big or detailed they are they can take a week to make."

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Her portfolio of creations includes everything from abandoned asylums to haunted houses.

One of the images she provided to the Daily Star has a dentists-style chair with a chain hanging from the side.

In another, she has created a stripped-down old banger with missing wheels, surrounded by old petrol tanks as tiny old photos hand on the wall behind.

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However, Julie revealed her favourite to make was a demonic church.

She said: "My favourite had to be for a YouTuber called Proving Demons, it was a church ruin with a twist."

The church appears to be a plain white derelict church with a clocktower on the outside.

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But inside she created a satanic pentagram scene with added candles and the words 'Proving Demons' written on the stained glass windows.

Following in their footsteps, Julie started her own YouTube channel last year to show off her artwork and teach others how to create dingy gothic-style dollhouse features.

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She has since promoted it in Facebook groups for urban explorers and her amazing mini-makes of their discoveries after she posted a collection of her work.

She wrote: "Hi everyone, and please delete if not allowed. I wanted to share with you my journey of the last 8 months when I first started making Miniatures.

"I'm now creating Abandoned Miniatures, so if you like to see some of my work please head over to my YouTube Channel."

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One fan said: "This is so freakin cool!! You are so talented!"

Another added: "You are so totally talented. These are masterpieces truly. Some are a little creepy, but that's cool. I very much would like to see more in the future. Graveyard sites are very popular, just saying."

A third wrote: "I will admit I didn't read the caption at first and thought I was looking at the real thing. Amazing work!!!"

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