Elle Brooke says she should charge neighbour for back garden nudity

Adult star Elle Brooke has hit out at her alleged peeping-Tom neighbours and said that she should "charge them" for looking out of their windows while she sits out in the nude.

Taking to Twitter the 25-year-old OnlyFans star said: "If you’re my neighbour when it’s this hot, I should start charging you for the back garden nudity."

Critiques hit back at her in the comments of the post, telling her to put some fences up so that the nosy neighbours couldn't see.

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In response, Elle added: "They be looking out the window" followed by the eyeballs emoji.

Other fans were delighted at the thought of the star enjoying the sunshine while leaving little to the imagination.

One user wrote: "I want my moneys worth then."

Another said: "Might buy a house next to you now."

Meanwhile, a third creepily added: "If I was your neighbour I’d be coming over everyday and helping you out your lotion on."

Elle gained new fans who subscribed to her OnlyFans account after she managed to fluster Piers Morgan in a TalkTV interview.

Several clips from the chat went viral, with the internet amused by Elle's ability to cause Piers embarrassment on a couple of occasions. It even managed to amass more Twitter views than football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

One key moment was when the TalkTV host asked about Elle's future.

Piers said: "How would you feel when you'd want to have kids yourself?"

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She replied: "I don’t really want kids right now… They can cry in a Ferrari."

Not long after the interview aired, the seductress shared a screenshot on Instagram showing an uptick in subscribers.

It showed seven transactions from her OnlyFans in the space of four minutes. The charges totalled $101.99 (£81.21).

"Thanks Piers x," she wrote as the caption.

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