Elle Brooke slams a***hole boxing opponent who really hates OnlyFans stars

Elle Brooke has hit out at her upcoming boxing opponent, calling her an "a***hole".

The OnlyFans legend appeared on The Breakdown YouTube channel for an interview yesterday (Monday, April 3) where she discussed her now-infamous rivalry with Polish influencer Ms Danielka, who she'll face in the ring later this month.

"I think it always helps having someone that's being nasty to you anyway. It just makes it easier for you as an opponent," she said of Danielka, real name Aleksandra Daniel.

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"If you have an opponent like Faith [Ordway, Elle's most recent competitor], who was really really nice, it's kind of hard to get into that mode and just G yourself up.

"Whereas if you've got someone that's being an a***hole you're like, 'Okay, I'm gonna hit you really hard, even harder than I would before.'"

Elle's rivalry with Danielka first began shortly after the pair met for the first time on March 12 when they were announced as each other's opponents in their upcoming match at KingPyn Boxing's High Stakes tournament.

The Portsmouth native was towered over by her much taller opponent as they came face-to-face ahead of their fight at London's OVO Wembley Arena on April 22, but the pair shared a hug on stage and exchanged pleasantries on social media shortly after the meeting.

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But since then an intense rivalry seems to have developed after Danielka took issue with Elle's raunchy OnlyFans career.

Posting a picture of their friendly cuddle to her Instagram story, the former Love Island Poland star raged: "If I knew how you make money, I would never touch you," followed by an angry face emoji.

Danielka then took the rivalry up a notch, telling the porn star: You will have a new video of me f***ing you in the ring!"

Speaking of the comments, Elle told The Breakdown hosts: "Even one of the people who work at Kingpyn [said], 'She's really unhappy with your job, I'm with her right now,' so I knew she meant it.

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"So then she did all of that afterwards, I was like, 'Oh wow, she really means that with intent'."

Asked whether Danielka's harsh stance on sex work motivated Elle for the upcoming fight, she said: "Obviously I'm going to stand by my line of work, it's how I've grown.

"I would never be here right now if I never did OnlyFans, so it means a lot to me and I'll always stand up for the prejudice we get and the discrimination within the whole community and online, and the hate and abuse."

Elle had previously threatened to make a "video" with the men of Danielka's family as the feud escalated, after which the Polish beauty bizarrely claimed her brothers' appendages would be too big for Elle to handle.

"As far as I know, your record is 10 inch, my brothers have much more. Practise a bit and welcome to Poland," she said.

"But seriously… my brothers wouldn't touch you, you are disgusting. Say what you want, but don't involve my family."

A disbelieving Elle then questioned whether her opponent knew her brothers were well-endowed from "personal experience", with her rival doubling down and saying her family possesses "well-known Slavic genetics".


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