Elon Musk says mystery UFOs shot over US are just my alien friends stopping by

Tech billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk has claimed that mystery flying objects shot down over the United States and Canada are actually his alien “friends”.

Over the last few days, the United States has shot down several unidentified objects, over both the US and Canada.

The Pentagon yesterday (Sunday, February 13) refused to rule out the possibility that three unidentified flying objects shot down in as many days over North America are of alien in origin.

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While the gigantic “airship” that was shot down by US F-22 fighters on February 4 has been conclusively linked to China, the three other objects sighted over Alaska, Michigan and Canada have been harder to classify.

US Air Force General Glen VanHerck told reporters that the intelligence services were exploring “all possibilities” when it came to the origin of the “octagonal” craft.

When asked whether the involvement of “aliens or extraterrestrials” had been ruled out, he replied: “I'll let the intel community and the counter-intelligence community figure that out. I haven't ruled out anything."

But the answer to what the objects are has seemingly been answered by the Tesla founder Musk.

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He jokingly tweeted: “Don’t worry, just some of my (alien emoji) friends of mine stopping by.”
And his 128.9 million Twitter followers love it.

One wrote: “Let’s send them back to mars with a few humans.”

And a second posted: “They're probably looking for Bitcoin.”

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A third added: “Not sure what’s less plausible: Aliens visiting Earth, or Elon having friends.”

Many others asked Musk if the aliens were “Russian or Chinese".

It is Musk's second foray into the alien debate in recent days, after claiming that “one day” humans would be aliens visiting other worlds.

Musk is hoping to use his Space X rocket ships to travel to Mars by the end of the decade.

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