Embarrassing moment teacher accidentally plays adult video in front of class

A teacher was left red-faced after accidentally playing a point-of-view style porn video in front of a full class of students.

In the video, which was recently shared on Twitter by @DavidEvans70, the teacher has his laptop connected to a giant projector screen and speakers and accidentally presses play on the wrong clip.

Students were heard cackling with laughter as they were watching a slideshow of nude photos followed by a point-of-view style video of the same woman being done from behind.

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After realising his error, the flustered teacher then ran to the front of the classroom to try and switch it off.

The video, which was originally captured by Chinese students back in 2018, began recirculating on social media, gaining more than 45,000 likes and 1.9million views.

Dave Evans, 50, captioned the clip: "Wrong clip me thinks teacher…"

Social media users flocked to the comments in hysterics over the blunder, as one user quipped: "I wouldn’t even bother trying to turn it off lol my ass is walking straight out that door to my car and not looking back."

Another wrote: "This has to be the most embarrassing thing ever."

A third said: "When you are in such a crazy situation, your ability to think is gone."

It is not clear whether the clip was from a porn site or whether it was a homemade sex tape.

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The news comes after a brazen couple were spotted in a doggy-style romp on top of a multi-story car park during the sticky 40C heatwave.

The clip, which was shared by @imjustbrum on Twitter, shows the fully-nude Brits performing the sex act in full view of the office buildings surrounding the council-owned car park near Snow Hill station in Birmingham City Centre.

Temperatures in the area were around 38C when the pair were filmed at around midday on Tuesday (July 19).

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