EPCOR asks Albertans to watch what they flush as disinfectant wipe use soars

EPCOR is issuing a warning — ahead of any issues — in hopes that Albertans will roll with the COVID-19 situation and stick to flushing toilet paper only.

“We know that people are using more flushable wipes, more cleaning wipes, and paper towel at this time,” said EPCOR spokesperson Kelly Struski.

“We do want to remind them that all of those items should not be going into the drainage system.”

The warning comes following some strange situations around the world, as toilet paper remains in high demand — despite direct orders from officials not to hoard or stockpile. 

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In Redding, Calif., last week, the city’s sewer system backed up and officials found shredded t-shirts clogging the pipes. Officials in that city said that if residents were using alternative or creative products to wipe, they should bag them instead of flush.

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