Europe holiday hell as Italy hammered by ice cream during killer heatwave

Spain: Temperatures to reach 42 degrees in heatwave

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Due to the unexpected harsh weather conditions, the consumption of ice cream has increased as people search for relief from the soaring temperatures. According to the Coldiretti agricultural association, more ice cream is currently being eaten in Italy due to the persistent heat – although the prices for it have recently risen significantly.

The association on Sunday stated that in May, ice cream in a croissant or cup was around 11 percent more expensive than in the same period last year, citing data from the statistical office.

The Coldiretti experts attributed the increase to the fact that the approximately 39,000 ice cream parlours in Italy spent more on energy, milk, sugar and eggs, which is also due to the Russian war in Ukraine.

According to Coldiretti, the Italian ice cream market grew by 19.5 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The association hopes that the trend with returning tourists after the difficult Covid seasons will continue this year.

In large parts of Italy, many tourists are likely to have worked up a sweat on Sunday.

Peak temperatures ​​of just under 40C were expected locally, such as around Palermo in Sicily or Cagliari in Sardinia.

The Ministry of Health issued a heat warning for five cities, including Rome and Perugia – meaning that even healthy people there could be at risk of negative physical effects.

The experts advised avoiding busy places and only staying outside in the morning and evening.

Throughout April, large parts of Europe experienced below-normal temperature trends, with winds often emanating from a north-easterly direction.

However, over the past week or so, weather patterns have rearranged to encourage more of a south or south-westerly feed of air across Europe, and temperatures have been picking up as a result.

Extreme and prolonged heat engulfing parts of Spain, Italy and north Africa shows no signs of easing this week.

Anticyclone Scipio has been bringing hot air from Africa to the central Mediterranean, causing weeks of scorching temperatures.

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An anticyclone – an area of high pressure – is the opposite of a cyclone.

Some countries name anticyclones if they are likely to bring severe weather such as searing heat.

This is similar to the way most countries, including the UK, name areas of low pressure, or cyclones, if they bring severe weather in the form of heavy rain or strong winds.

Temperatures are forecast to reach the high 30Cs across the Mediterranean, with some parts of Spain, Italy and north Africa in the low 40Cs.

The Andalucía region of Spain is predicted to exceed 40C most days this week – about 4-5C above the climate average.

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