Eurostar chaos in Paris as passengers face 90 min queues: Gare du Nord totally out depth

Huge queues form at Eurostar Paris terminal on Easter Monday

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Travellers from Paris to London have been complaining the French Eurostar station is not fit to handle too many passengers as they were left stranded for over eight hours.

Massive queues to get on trains sparked fury with one passenger telling the Daily Express on site that she had been waiting for over 90 minutes with her small children.

Another passenger told “Eurostar staff look lost and totally out of their depth.

“There is no organisation, queues are several aisles wide, and when they merge, anger is breaking out as passengers jostle for a place in the queues.

“Frustrated passengers with young children have been forced to wait for over 90 minutes just to get to another queues to check passports.

“The pain continues as security checks sees customs officials searching bags and causing more delays.

“I have never seen such poor handling of what should be a routine check-in procedure.

“Gare du Nord has clearly had its day.”

Those heading to the UK described waiting at the Gare du Nord station for more than eight hours, as Eurostar advised passengers not to travel on Sunday unless their journey is “essential”.

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Another passenger said she would never come back to Paris again as a Eurostar employee said “It’s not my fault, nobody is listening to me.”

Only four French passport officials appeared on duty, with only two of them checking British and non-EU passports adding another layer of misery for British travellers.

A Eurostar spokesman said: “Due to a problem with the overhead power supply near Paris, all services to and from Paris are subject to delays and cancellations today.”

“Trains are on the move, but are still experiencing delays.

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“Our staff are working hard to look after passengers.

“We advise passengers not to travel today and to postpone their journey if it is not essential.”

They added services are expected to run as normal tomorrow.

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