Evil genius killer Unabombers cause of death reported after body found in cell

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski is believed to have claimed his own life after being found dead in his jail cell, according to a report.

The 81-year-old killer was serving four life terms for his twisted sending of bombs to various addresses, claiming three lives and injuring 23.

Officials from his federal medical prison in Butner, North Carolina, have refused to give a definitive answer about how the bomb manufacturer passed away but a new report has indicated that he took his own life.

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The newest report does not specify the means by which Kaczynski may have carried out the act but officials did explain that he was found unresponsive inside his cell.

Poor health had seen Kaczynski move from a maximum security facility to a medical one in North Carolina in December 2021.

The prodigy mathematician carried out 16 bombings between 1968 and 1995.

His first bomb was left at a university in Chicago in 1978 and said it had been sent by Northwestern University engineering professor Buckley Crist Junior.

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Speaking to the New York Post, Crist said on Saturday (June 10): “I never knew the guy, I never met him and I have no idea why he involved me."

Former University of California at Berkley math professor Kaczynski had a strong fear of technology and wrote a 35,000-word document known as the Unabomber Manifest, although in reality the anti-technology and anti-leftist write-up was called, "Industrial Society and Its Future”.

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