Evil woman beat friends dog then tried to drown it in front of beachgoers

A woman beat a dog and tried to drown it in the sea in front of shocked beachgoers.

The female, who was under the influence of alcohol, had taken the animal for a walk from her home on the Spanish holiday island of Majorca after her boyfriend had been asked by the owner – a friend – to look after the nine-year-old pet called Laika.

But, with her partner being treated in hospital, his girlfriend took Laika out into the street, where she proceeded to strike the pooch for no apparent reason.

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The cruel attack prompted neighbours to object to the woman's actions but she ignored their protests and after walking the dog to Illetas beach, she dragged it into the sea and attempted to drown it.

Laika's life was only saved when concerned nearby swimmers came to her rescue, taking the pup off the alleged abuser and then informing the police.

The woman was then arrested on suspicion of committing an alleged offence of animal abuse after statements were taken by officers from witnesses on the beach.

Cops subsequently told the owner about the incident after she had entrusted the dog to the care of her friend after being called into work.

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She could not believe what had happened and now wants to see the alleged aggressor receive an appropriate punishment for her behaviour.

"How can you beat such a small, loving animal for pleasure?" the owner asked. "I will go all the way.

"It is not enough that she has spent a night in the cells. She has to pay for what she has done."

The investigation, which was initially carried out by Calvia Local Police, is now being taken over by the Guardia Civil – the Spanish Civil Guard.


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