Ex-police chief downed 4 ciders during England World Cup match before car crash

A former assistant Police and Crime Commissioner has been banned from the roads after a drink driving offence following a World Cup match.

Ashley Bertie, the former West Midlands assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, lost control of his Renault Megane after downing four pints of cider during England's match with the USA.

Bertie, 30, had remained at the scene following the crash, where police could smell alcohol on him, with further tests showing Bertie was more than twice over the alcohol driving limit, BirminghamMail reported.

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Birmingham Magistrates' Court was told the 30-year-old had asked officers what the impact of the offence would be on his career and what a maximum sentence would be.

Bertie had pleaded guilty to drink driving and was banned from the roads for 18 months and fined £120, with the former assistant Police and Crime Commissioner saying he was "deeply embarrassed" about the incident.

Said incident had taken place after the goalless draw between England and the USA of the World Cup group stage.

Prosecutor Ekene Prue said of the crash: "Mr Bertie confirmed he had been driving, had collided with the kerb which caused him to spin and caused damage to his car.

"The officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from Mr Bertie. His eyes were glazed and bloodshot. He was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. Due to this he was arrested."

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Prosecutor Prue also noted Bertie produced a reading of 75 micrograms of alcohol per millilitres of breath, more than the legal limit of 35.

In addition to a £120 fine, Bertie was also ordered to pay £135 in court costs as well as a £48 victim surcharge, accepting the offer of a drink driving course to reduce the length of his ban.

Bertie, addressing the magistrates, said: "I recognise the error I made. It is unforgiveable. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed of my actions. I totally understand the severity of my actions.

"It's fortunate no-one was hurt as a result. I would like to say thank you to the magistrates for their time and apologise. I understand you are under significant strain and resources are tight. I'm sorry for adding to your workload and burden this morning."

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