Ex-WWE star responds after hearing scammers are pretending to date her fans

Former WWE star Brandi Lauren has responded to the news of scammers posing as her and pretending to date fans of the ex-wrestling star.

A statement from the wrestler, who most recently featured in Impact Wrestling, confirmed the scams were circling and that Brandi had no part in them.

In a message posted to her Instagram story, Brandi made it clear she is "not dating you" or anyone else on a random website.

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She confirmed it was a bogus series of accounts contacting her fans and that she had not spoken to any of her subscribers on the likes of Facebook or other social media platforms.

Brandi also claimed those same scam accounts were attempting to make financial gains from her less-than suspecting fans.

She wrote: "The amount of people thinking they're dating me or sending money to scam accounts lately is unreal. It's not me."

The former NXT star appeared perplexed by her fans who were tricked by the scam accounts into sending them money, as she revealed the only place her fans would ever receive a reply.

Brandi added: "I'm not dating you or talking to you on a random site. The only accounts I have are all BrandiLauren_ and the ONLY place I actually message people back is Onlyflans [sic].

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"I'm not talking to you on Facebook or any other accounts."

Her confirmation of scam accounts comes just a week after the WWE alumni weighed in on the Barbie viewings across the world, with a "Barbie" post from the star going live on her Instagram.

The Daily Star reported the previous appearance of Brandi in sultry lingerie, where she was seen cashing in on the Margot Robbie-starring feature as a way to promote her racy content.

Brandi's post saw thousands like the Barbie-themed showcase, which was posted to her Instagram earlier last week.

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