Exact day in June Britain is set to scorch in 31C heat as Africa plume hits

Forecasters have pinpointed the exact day when June will scorch in around 34C heat. Baking temperatures are set to continue through the weekend in many parts of the country before a breakdown next week following patches of rain in some areas. But shortly after, temperatures are expected to soar back up to similar levels as last week.

British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale told Express.co.uk Britain will experience a temporary “sea change” in the weather next week with temperatures dropping slightly in conjunction with several “wetter days”.

But he added the temperature will rise back up to scorching highs towards the end of the month.

Some weather charts, such as WXcharts, show the temperature soaring at 30C in several areas, including around the South of England and in North Yorkshire, on June 27.

However, Mr Dale thinks the temperature could peak even higher around that day.

He said: “When you see a 31, 32C, almost every single time you can add one or two degrees to it. The charts underestimate certain things that go on that just pick them up a little bit.

“I think 32C is about the mark and I think it’s going to happen in the last week of June.

“But it could easily touch 34 if things roll out as we’re currently seeing them… high pressure coming back in after the rain next week.”

Before the scorching heat returns, Weather.com is predicting rain in London and cities further north including Sheffield and Manchester on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

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It predicts the rain will only bring with it a slight drop in temperature of between one to two degrees on these rainy days.

Mr Dale explained: “We’re gonna see maybe four or five or six wetter days where particularly in the West, not so much in the dry east. 

“The West is going to see some significant rain, showery rain… Northern Ireland… all that western side down through to the southwest of Wales”.

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