Executed death row wife murderer made stomach-churning last meal request

An evil death row convict chose a stodgy 'last meal' hours before he was executed tonight, it has been announced.

David Neal Cox, 50, died by lethal injection at Mississippi State Penitentiary, US, at 6.12pm on Wednesday local time (12:12am Thursday UK time).

It was the first execution carried out in Mississippi in nine years, and the ninth in the United States this year.

Cox murdered his estranged wife, Kim, in 2010, after he had spent several months in jail the previous year for sexually assaulting his step-daughter.

He was sentenced to death in 2012 after pleading guilty to eight charges, including capital murder.

Shortly before he was put to death, it was revealed by Commissioner Burl Cain from the Mississippi Department of Corrections that he ate a last meal of fried catfish and cornmeal, with a side of chips and coleslaw. He then had a banana pudding for dessert.

According to a news report from local station WLBT, the official said that the murderer was “very normal, very calm, and it’s almost unique to say upbeat a little bit” in his final days before his execution.

He also responded to a question about whether Cox appeared remorseful for his crimes by saying: “Yes, he has. He did a little bit this afternoon… I think he qualified it best when he said 'I wasn't always that bad.’”

"He talked about closure to the victims, particularly to his sons, because, you know, for taking their mom and so forth. That's a good thing. He's pretty normal at this time.

The father of victim Kim Cox said this week said that he was looking forward to finding some peace from David's execution.

The former police officer said that the "only way that he was not going to get out and kill anybody else would be death row", adding that it was "time for it to be over with".

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