Family forced to beat dog to death with hammers to save their own lives

A family was forced into beating a raging dog to death with hammers in a life-threatening attack which left three people injured.

The out-of-control beast savaged a family and injured a 68-year-old woman who was rushed to hospital with injuries described as "potentially life-changing".

A 38-year-old man suffered serious injuries also while a third male victim was hurt but did not require hospital treatment in a gruesome ordeal which saw a family beat the hound they love to death with hammers.

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Neighbours who witnessed the attack claimed the actions of the father, who was forced to kill the family pet at their Boughton Avenue, Worcester-based home, "probably saved their lives".

An unnamed resident said: "It was a case of the dog or them his actions probably saved their lives. I heard the dad used a hammer. It must have been a horrific thing to encounter but when a dog flips sometimes there's just no going back."

West Mercia Police confirmed the dog died during the incident when "the family were trying to stop it from harming the individuals and in the prevention of it causing any more injury."

A second unnamed neighbour added: "I heard the noise and looked up and down the road and no police cars were there. I then saw a man leave the house and he had a hammer in his hand and when police arrived he sat on the floor in relief."

Scenes immediately following the ordeal showed "10 police cars, an ambulance, air ambulance and a black unarmed car" at the property, as well as armed police officers.

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The breed of the dog killed has yet to be confirmed, while the "shocking and frightening" attack as a third unnamed neighbour described it, was brought to an end.

A similar attack occurred in Worcester on the same day, prompting police superintendent Rebecca Love to comment on the "incredibly traumatic" experiences and offer advice to those concerned about their own pets.

She said: "Nobody expects a loved family pet to turn aggressive and injure their owner, or anyone else, but it’s important to remember that any dog can bite.

"If you are worried about your dog’s behaviour, we encourage you to contact your local vet for advice and support."

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