Family terrified after thieves use chickens to break in and run off with goods

A family has been struck by vicious burglars using chickens to steal thousands of pounds worth of possessions from their home.

The criminals who've terrorised Franklin Township, York County, Pennsylvania, US, with their horrifying trick, have rendered the Gajmer family devastated.

In a vile scheme, one of the thieves draws their victims away from their property by pretending to have an interest in buying chickens, when in reality, they're just creating a distraction which allows their partners to sneak inside.

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The Gajmer family were buzzing start their own smallholding when they arrived in the US from Nepal, but disaster struck in November when the burglars targeted their home.

Ramesh Gajmer said: “We don't really, we absolutely don't feel safe to stay here. I even put my house on the market.

“They said, 'We have a festival coming up. We really need chickens. Please sell us chickens, and we will give you extra money, extra dollars'.

“Our family is not OK to live here. They want to move as soon as possible."

And it seems crimes like this are becoming increasingly frequent.

Chief Dave Lash of the Northern York County Regional Police Department explained: "Diversion burglaries happen quite a bit. Spring and early summer seem to be the big time of year.

“Anything they can do to get that person out and away from their house, they will."

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And despite several months passing, the Gajmer family are still in a state of shock.

Rajmer added that his family: "Came to the United States to fulfil their dream to have a good family life, but these things hit my family very much.

Lash added: "Don’t leave your house. Tell them no thank you. Close the door. If they refuse to leave or continue to linger around the property, call 911."

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On April 14, the villians struck again, attempting to rob the home of a couple from Red Lion.

And this time CCTV footage caught them in the act.

Luckily, the homeowners, realised what was happening and chased the robbers off the property.

Julianne Peters claimed: "We were sitting out back around 5.30pm on Friday. We heard a car honking out front and ignored it for a while until I finally got up to see what was going on.

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"The passenger waved us down to his car and proceeded to offer us $35 per chicken if we’d sell him some chickens. We told him we weren’t interested but couldn’t shake the feeling something wasn’t right.

"He then tried to get us to take him and show him the chickens and turkey we have in our backyard, and again told him we weren’t interested and then walked away.

"That’s when they left. It wasn’t until we watched the footage back that we realized how strange the encounter was. They pulled over, and every time they honked, the passenger would wave towards the front door, trying to get someone to come out.


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