Farmer horrified as tsunami of rats scurry out from hay bales

A farmer was horrified when he removed a hay bale with a tractor and hundreds of rats started falling out of it and onto the ground.

In the clip, filmed in Wales and uploaded on TikTok by user @keithwinley, a forklift tractor is hoisting up the hay bale when a dark mass of rodents start writhing around at the back.

As the tractor backs away, rats fall off the hay and hundreds more are suddenly exposed at the back wall of the barn, scurrying around in fear as their nest is pulled apart.

The critters have clearly been using the hay as their home for some time and generations of them are exploding from every corner.

In the caption, the farmer wrote: "Unbelievable what I found in the barn this morning."

The clip has been watched more than 880,000 times and received thousands of comments since it was uploaded on Sunday, May 16.

One viewer joked: "Omg it's a big rat barn party."

"Reminds me when the roof fell in on the old lady in Ratatouille and she saw all the rats lol," said someone else in reference to the Pixar film.

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A third person commented: "If I found that I'm sorry but I'll be moving yards without any hesitation."

"So how could you let it get that bad? Can't happen overnight," questioned a fourth user.

The farmer later uploaded another video, showing a barn being set on fire and said it was "how we dealt with the infestation".

This comes after a woman went on holiday only to come home and find newborn rats in her bed.

She filmed the tiny pink baby rodents on her phone and seemed at a loss of what she should do with them.

Meanwhile, a huge rat "as a big as a Jack Russell" was caught on video in a town "infested" by vermin.

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