Fashion designer who worked with Meghan Markle opens up on ‘thoughtful’ Duchess

A top fashion designer has revealed what working with Meghan Markle was when she asked for a dress to be modified.

Don O’Neill whose clothing brand Theia sets customers back almost £1,000 on some evening gowns, was contacted by the Duchess of Sussex ahead of a royal tour with Prince Harry.

Meghan went on to be pictured in 2018, wearing one of Don's dresses in Tonga but it was not as straight forward as adding to basket the gown as shown on Theia's website.

Don has lifted the lid on his interaction with the now pregnant mother in what he described as an "extraordinary opportunity".

He told the Irish Mirror: "She found me from my website. She was shopping on my website and found the dress in blue and asked if I would make it for her in ivory with a few modifications.

"But she was familiar with my work and she had a few pieces that I sent to her for some private functions so we were already connected."

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Speaking about the process of designing the gown with Don, he said she was "so appreciative" of his time.

"It’s really hard to comment on people’s private lives because we really don’t know what’s happening; I just know that my experience when I was working with them was that they are so professional, and everybody was so kind and gentle and so appreciative of the work and the time and the effort and that is my take away from working with Meghan.

"She was someone who was very kind, very sweet and very thoughtful and I was so appreciative that she wore my dress. It was an extraordinary opportunity. Meeting her personality, that is who I saw.

"So I didn’t see her through the tabloids or how other people saw her. My direct contact with her was a very kind, considerate, thoughtful caring person who was genuinely appreciative of all I did for her."

Don has teamed up with Tie Day Friday, which happens on April 23, when people will be asked to wear a tie, post a picture or video on social media and make a donation to Kerry Mental Health Association.

All proceeds raised will go towards supporting the befriending and other mental health promotional activities undertaken by Kerry Mental Health Association.

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