Fed-up man divorces wife for cooking instant noodles three times a day

A fed-up man divorced his wife for cooking him instant noodles every day throughout their marriage, a judge has revealed.

The man, from India, claims his wife would regularly buy packets of Maggi noodles and dish them up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The bizarre feud was dubbed the "Maggi case" which ended in both parties mutually agreeing to a divorce, according to The New Indian Express.

Judge ML Raghunath revealed the outlandish reason behind the relationship breakdown, during a press conference at a court in the city of Mysuru last month.

According to research conducted by the International Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences in 2018, India recorded an 11 per cent divorce rate, reports Insider.

Despite the low figures, Raghunagh said: "Divorce cases are increasing drastically over the years.

"Couples have to stay together for at least a year before seeking a divorce. If there was no such law, there would be divorce petitions filed directly from wedding halls."

The judge went on to say that divorces seemed to be demanded more in urban areas.

"In rural areas, village panchayats intervene and settle the problems," he added.

"Women have no independence and their fear of society and family sentiments force them to cope with the situation.

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"But in cities, women are educated and financially independent."

Professor Shubhada Maitra, of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, previously highlighted that the surge in divorces is sparked by an increase in expectations.

Maitra told the Hindustan Times that the majority of men still expect their wives to take on traditional roles despite more seeking out careers.

"So, women bear double brunt, by working as an earning member of the family and at the same time also taking care of the household chores," they said.

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