Find your unique coffee taste

If you ever found yourself wondering, how coffee is made and what it takes to get a small cup of your favorite beverage, you should have already watched some documentary, or at least have read some articles about that. You may already know about the factors that influence the coffee taste, such as farm altitude, the composition of a soil and the coffee sort itself. But did you know that there is an opportunity to buy green coffee beans?

Many coffee shops and cafes which specialize in different types of coffee can buy green coffee to roast it to the desired roast profile and create different coffee varieties and blends. Usually green coffee beans importer states implicitly the origin farm of coffee beans, so the buyer can know what to expect from the coffee aroma and flavor. There is also an opportunity to purchase green coffee for home roasting, allowing you to experiment with different roast profiles, choose different coffees and enjoy freshly roasted coffee at their convenience. Also some people collect green coffee from different regions and varieties as a hobby. They are interested in the variety of coffee beans and tend to try different varieties of coffee. It is important to note that green coffee is not intended for direct consumption without prior roasting. It has a bitter taste and does not have the characteristic aroma and taste of roasted coffee.

Apart from people buying green coffee for home brewing, other customers buy it for:

  • roasting and roasted coffee production – coffee roasters and companies that specialize in roasting and selling coffee usually purchase green coffee to further process and market their own coffee brands.

  • Further sale to small wholesalers, retailers, coffee shops and other businesses involved in the sale of coffee.

  • Using at the micro-bakeries

  • Coffee redistribution – as coffee importing companies purchase green coffee directly from producers in different producing countries, they handle all import logistics and paperwork and then offer green coffee to wholesalers and retailers in their country.

So in the case that you want to experiment with home-roasted coffee, you should first take your time to note which coffee flavor you like the most, and then dedicate some more time to look at the propositions from specialized shops. Home roasting allows you to experiment with your beverage: only you will decide how mild it could be.