First ever European Amazon warrior woman recreated in realistic AI images

The first ever European human has been recreated and she looks like an Amazonian Warrior.

Found in a cave in Czechia, the Zlatý kůň woman's skull was used to make the first ever forensic reconstruction of her likeness using Artificial Intelligence.

Brazilian graphics expert Cicero Moraes, lead author of a new study announcing the move, said the fossil was initially thought to be male “due to the robustness of the skull” – but that quickly turned out not to be the case as the remains turned out to be female when recreated.

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Mr Moraes said: “We see a woman with a rather robust face, who could easily be mistaken for a modern man.

“It is a strong – very strong – Amazon warrior-like face.

“With the skull reconstructed in 3D, we continued with the facial approximation process.

“We took data from two CT scans – one from a man and the other from a woman – and we deformed the donor structures until the donor skulls became the Zlatý kůň skull.

“This resulted in two faces that resembled each other, but with small differences.

“The final face is an interpolation of the two anatomical deformations.”

The initial recreation of the face captured only the shape of the face in greyscale, without subjective elements like skin complexion and the colour of the hair and eyes.

A second version imagined the features and lends the reconstruction a more human aspect.

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Mr Moraes speculated that a more “robust” face was perhaps a feature of earlier homo sapiens.

The first wave of modern humans, of which the Zlatý kůň woman was a part of, arrived in Europe some 40,000 to 45,000 years ago.

However, they left no genetic legacy to modern Europeans, which fell to a later wave, arriving some 37,000 years ago.

The Zlatý kůň woman, who was discovered in 1950, is thought to be the oldest anatomically modern human ever to be genetically sequenced.

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