Five most dangerous places to live in the UK during World War 3 revealed by AI

The five most dangerous places in the UK should World War Three break out have been revealed – and there are two you've probably never heard of. The Daily Star was getting a bit fed up reading about the constant threats of nuclear war, and were the best places to hide are.

So we had a chat with Google's Artificial Intelligence-powered large language model chatbot called Bard to find out where we should go should someone like war mad Vladimir Putin cause chaos around the world.

Out of the five places, four of them are based in England, with one in Scotland, so Wales and Northern Ireland should be pretty safe places to scarper to should war break out.

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And there are two names on the below list that we had never heard of – and it comes complete with Bard's sound reasoning.


“As the capital and most populous city in the UK, London would likely be a primary target for enemy forces due to its strategic importance, economic significance, and symbolic value. Its dense population and extensive infrastructure would make it susceptible to widespread damage and casualties.”


“Home to the Royal Navy's main base, Portsmouth would be a highly attractive target for enemy forces seeking to cripple the UK's naval capabilities. The city's proximity to the coast and its concentration of military personnel and infrastructure would increase its vulnerability.”

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Farnborough, England

“The Farnborough Aerospace Centre, located in Farnborough, Hampshire, is a major hub for the UK's aerospace industry, making it a potential target for enemy forces seeking to disrupt the country's airpower. The town's proximity to London and its concentration of technological assets further elevate its risk profile.”

Faslane, Scotland

“The Faslane Naval Base, located on the Clyde Estuary in Scotland, is the UK's main base for its Trident nuclear submarines. Its strategic importance and the presence of nuclear weapons would make it a high-priority target for enemy forces.”

Aldermaston, England

“The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston, Berkshire, is responsible for the design, development, and manufacture of the UK's nuclear warheads. Its role in the UK's nuclear deterrent would make it a primary target for enemy forces seeking to neutralize the country's nuclear capabilities.”

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Comfortingly, Bard went on to clarify that these are just “potential targets”, and that there could be “other areas being targeted” should that war nobody wants but we can all see coming take place.

It added: “Moreover, the safety of any particular location would depend on a variety of factors, including the specific tactics and weapons employed by enemy forces, the effectiveness of UK defenses, and the unpredictable nature of warfare.”

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