Flying ants set to terrify Britain after country melted in 35C heatwave

Flying ants are set to terrify the UK after the country suffered in a 35C heatwave.

While Brits basked in sweltering conditions this weekend, with extreme thunderstorms predicted from tomorrow (Monday, August 15) experts are warning that an invasion could be on its way.

Flying Ant Day, which normally happens after extreme heatwaves, could also take place tomorrow, right in the middle of the thunderous and torrential downpours.

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It happens when swarms of the winged insects flee the heat and take to the air.

Chris Bonnett, an expert from Gardening Express, said: “Most of us have been enjoying the heatwave but while we’ve been making the most of the sun, a storm has been brewing.

“There is no specific day for Flying Ant Day, it’s usually just around mid to late August and it typically happens after a heatwave.

“The reason for this being that ants prefer humid weather and they use this time to get on the lookout for a new home and whilst that’s all well and good, it becomes a real nuisance for those of us who enjoy spending time in our gardens and outdoors.

“Ants in the UK aren’t dangerous but they can be extremely irritating.”

Flying ants actually exist for one reason – to procreate.

The reason they grow wings is because they are the fertile male and female ants looking to find love in peace and quiet.

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It is also one of the rare times that they will try to pair up with ants from other colonies.

But, if they're bothering you, there are some unique ways to get rid of them.

If you find an ant hill near you, place a tin can over it. Overnight, the ants will fill it with the eggs, and you can destroy them before they hatch.

The classic ways of destroying them are ant power and boiling water, but Gardening Express are also suggesting washing up liquid as a way of getting rid of them.

Mr Bonnett explained: “This trick works just the same way as it would be used on your plants for aphids – just add a generous squirt to a spray bottle filled with water, shake to disperse and get spraying those ants.

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“You can also use artificial sweetener, by mixing it with something like apple juice to make it palatable to the ants, but this then creates a paste that is toxic to them.

“Simply pour a bit near to nesting sites and the ants will carry it back to the colony – meaning masses of them will consume the poisonous paste and knock back the population.”

“Sprinkling cayenne pepper and cinnamon around your plants and garden will help keep ants at bay, too, as ants hate the smell of things like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, mint and garlic.”

It won't be a happy Flying Ant Day for the pesky insects.

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