Fugitive Matthew Kidman taunts police: ‘Catch me if you can’

Police have been taunted online by a man claiming to be a fugitive who they have been hunting for almost a month – laughing and telling them to “catch me if you can”.

Police have been trying to find Mathew Kidman since October 16.

The 40-year-old, who has links to the wider Wellington area and South Island, has a number of warrants for his arrest and is considered to be dangerous.

Members of the public are warned not to approach him but to call 111 immediately.

But it seems life on the run is going okay for Kidman – with a Facebook page dubbed “Matty Kay” replying to a friend who had shared a wanted post put up by the Wellington District Police appealing to the public for information.

Replying to the post – which features a mugshot of Kidman – he wrote: “My word, who’s that checky (sic) fella. Bloody good looking. Lord almighty.”

He went on to take a dig at authorities, referring to them as “f***ing po-po cartoon characters.”

“Bahaha catch me if you can. But by golly, they (better) have (their) A-game on. There’s shoes tied tight and a decent dog aye.”

Kidman’s page features several photos of himself posing with a brown pitbull dog.

The replies were posted three weeks ago – around the time Kidman became a wanted man.

Not the first time

But he has remained active on Facebook in the last week, at least, having changed his profile and cover photos last Monday.

This is not the first time Kidman has been on the run – and eventually caught.

In January, 2016, he removed an electronic bracelet and fled his Wellington address. He was caught five days later.

Police confirmed today they are still working to locate Kidman.

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