Funeral chaos as uninvited son ploughs into coffin trying to hit his sister

A funeral descended into anarchy after it was gate-crashed by an uninvited son who reportedly mowed down a mourner and smashed into the coffin.

Violent chaos broke out as family members gathered to lay an elderly woman to rest at Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Richmond, California, US, on Saturday (August 6).

A man who is thought to have been the son of the dearly departed, tried running over his sister in his car but ended up knocking down tombstones and flooding the cemetery.

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Police described the anything but chaotic funeral as a "family drama" which caused damage of around £16,500, The Mirror reports.

One mourner was injured and ended up having to go to hospital after being hit by the man's car while he was trying to run over his sister.

A Richmond Police Department spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "It appeared to be family drama.

"The suspect was hit with a cane… [Then] the suspect gets into a car and damages the grave site and also damages a water main that flooded the area.

"He was doing that to try to hit the person he was fighting with his car and ended up hitting another family member and injuring them."

The sister's boyfriend became embroiled in a violent altercation with his potential future brother-in-law who punched him before jumping in his car.

The enraged brother then drove over numerous tombstones, knocking over the coffin containing his deceased mum, colliding with a mourner and crashing into a water main.

The inside of the empty grave and surrounding areas were flooded after the water main burst as a result of the collision.

Damages caused by the mayhem reportedly added up to around $20,000 (£16,500).

Rolling Hills Memorial Park's director told Mercury News that the incident does not reflect the operations of the cemetery.


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