Gaffe prone Biden savaged as he hails US soldiers selfishness in inept speech

Joe Biden praises 'selfishness' of US soldiers in speech blunder

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The US President was caught in a major gaffe when he was forced to quickly change the word selfishness to selflessness when discussing American soldiers. Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia on Saturday marked the first time a US President visited the region since 9/11.

Mr Biden said: “We’ll always honour the bravery and selfishness, selflessness, of the and sacrifices of the Americans who served.”

Former Margaret Thatcher aide Nile Gardiner wrote on Twitter: “I don’t think we’ve seen a US presidency in the modern era that is more inept, disorganized, gaffe-prone and amateurish than the Biden presidency.”

While other social media users react to the moment.

Julie Paschal added: “He needs to leave but we will be stuck with giggles!”

Diane Cranston Powell noted: “Every day with this stuff and he just reads, it’s embarrassing.”

President Biden sparked health concerns after landing in Israel for a state visit as he appeared “wobbly” on the tarmac.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden kicked off the high-stakes trip to the Middle East dominated by efforts to persuade Gulf allies to pump more oil and bring Israel and Saudi Arabia closer together.

Mr Biden will spend two days in Jerusalem for talks with Israeli leaders before meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday in the occupied West Bank.

Joe Biden appears to ‘shake hands with thin air’

But it was his posed pictures on the tarmac just off from Air Force One that have people talking.

Mr Biden asked aides: “What am I doing now?” as he shuffled towards the group for a photo.

Twitter user Amy Dansby questioned: “Shouldn’t they have told him what to do before he got off the plane?”

While Andrea Kell added: “The world is laughing at us.”


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Hannah Miller wrote: “Shuffling gait, confused as to person, place and time. Needs assistance with activities.”

US officials say the trip – Biden’s first to the Middle East as president – could produce more steps toward normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, historic foes but also two of America’s strongest allies in the turbulent region.

“We’re making steps gradually toward that end,” said an Israeli official, adding that the fact Biden will fly directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia “encapsulates a lot of the dynamics that have been evolving over the last months.”

Biden’s trip aims to promote regional stability, deepen Israel’s integration in the region and counter Iranian influence and aggression by Russia and China.

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