Giant 13ft great white shark swims straight at diver with jaws wide open

A daredevil has shared an incredible video showing a hungry great white shark chasing after its prey – directly to where he is swimming.

London-born photographer Euan Rannachan is on a mission to help break down the terrifying stereotypes of great white sharks.

The 36-year-old adventurer, who also owns company Be A Shark, has been organising cage-diving trips in Guadalupe Island, Mexico, where he takes tourists cage-diving in shark-infested waters.

In one video he posted in April, Euan gives nerve-wrecking sense to viewers of what it is like to be eaten by an apex predator.

"Could not love my toothy friends more," Euan teased in his post.

The massive 13ft shark is seen going after a bait, which is attached by a hemp rope with no hook, as it emerges from deep water among other small fish.

When Euan's team pulls the bait closer to the camera, the sea beast makes a rapid turn and opens her jaw, ready for a bite.

Unfortunately the shark misses the target and ends up nearly hitting Euan.

When she turns around and heads back to the bait, the photographer realises how lucky he is to get so up close to a great white shark.

Speaking about how he felt in the water as the shark approached, he told Daily Star: "Every time I am in the water at the island it's always exciting. You never know what you might see, and each time its a little different.

"Obviously the majority of people who ask what I do say I am crazy or have a death wish but when in reality that could not be further from the truth!"

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Euan said he learned a lot about great white sharks' feeding habits while filming the sharks coming up for a vertical attack on the bait.

The photographer, who now lives near Lake Tahoe in California, says he runs shark trips from August to November.

"The water clarity and the actual size of the sharks are two of the amazing things about Guadalupe island," he added.

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