Giant alligator called Darth Gator leaps out of his enclosure as keeper yelps

A hungry alligator was so excited about dinner time he leaped out of his enclosure and made a keeper jump out of her skin.

Darth Gator, an 8.5 ft long animal with razor-sharp teeth, was being fed raw meat by Juliette at The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, when he got impatient and decided to try his luck by breaking out of the tank.

In the clip, uploaded on August 2, Juliette is talking into the camera and at the alligators as she explains what she is doing.

"Are you guys ready? I got some big pieces of chicken for ya," she says.

Juliette, who works at the zoo which her dad owns, opens the glass sliding door above the tank and picks up her first chicken with a metal stick when Darth makes his move.

Clawing his way up, he starts leaving the tank before Juliette has time to react to what he is doing.

"Don't even think about it!" she shouts but it is too late.

She puts the stick in the gator's mouth and he snaps down on the chicken and then keeps on going until he is on the floor outside the tank.

Juliette then bursts out laughing as the loose reptile thrashes around and snaps at another whole chicken that she drops on the floor.

For a second, it looks like the other alligator will escape too but Juliette taps him on the nose with the stick and calms the animal down with another chicken carcass.

She then looks at the loose alligator and says: "Well I guess we have to call my dad."

Luckily, the dad and daughter duo manage the wrestle the hulking animal back into the tank without any damage.

In the caption on Facebook, the zoo wrote: "Well this is the first time Darth decided to jump out when Juliette was feeding

"She raised him from a baby gator so besides feeding time he's a sweetheart, as you can tell."

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