Ginormous spider filmed crawling on wall terrifies viewers who label it demon

A skin-crawling video of an enormous spider crawling across a wall inside a house has terrified the internet.

The footage, which comes just weeks after a similarly terrifying snap of a spider emerged, shows the creepy-crawly slowly moving across the room as onlookers watch in horror.

It has long, furry legs and seems to be far bigger than any normal spider – although it is not clear exactly what type it is.

One woman unlucky enough to be in the same room as the creature from hell can be heard saying: “It will have to get back out of the window otherwise it will be stuck inside again.”

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Thousands of people have seen the video, filmed on the Caribbean island of Tobago, on TikTok and Instagram and viewers were unsurprisingly left horrified.

“Burn down the whole house,” one said. Another commented: “Throw away the house.”

A third went even further, demanding they “throw the whole island away”.

Someone else wasn’t convinced it was even a spider, saying: “Nah, that’s a demon. Call a priest and pastor.”

One user claimed to also live in Tobago and “frequently” comes across the spiders.

“I use a duster with an extended handle to get them down from the ceiling,” he said.

It comes after a photographer discovered an enormous spider the size of his hand breeding under his bed.

Gil Wizen’s nightmarish snap of one of the world’s most venomous spiders won an award at Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.

Following the success in capturing the moment, a daring Mr Wilzen safely relocated the spider outside.

Meanwhile, one doctor was horrified when he found a tiny spider crawling inside his patient's ear.

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