Giorgia Meloni celebrates as exit polls point to right-wing victory

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Giorgia Meloni, 45, has celebrated yesterday’s election results as exit polls suggest the Brothers of Italy leader is poised to succeed Mario Draghi as Prime Minister.

Ms Meloni, an ex-Youth Minister in Silvio Berlusconi’s Government, took to social media after she addressed supporters in a 10-minute speech.

Writing on Facebook, Ms Meloni said: “Today we wrote history.

“This victory is dedicated to all the militants, leaders, supporters and to every single person who – in recent years – has contributed to the realization of our dream, offering heart and soul in a spontaneous and disinterested way.

“To those who, despite the difficulties and the most complex moments, have remained in their place, with conviction and generosity. But, above all, it is dedicated to those who believe and have always believed in us.

“We will not betray your trust. We are ready to revive Italy. THANK YOU!”


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