Girl, 12, still missing after contacting family six days after disappearing

A 12 year old girl has sparked a massive police search after going missing, with fears she is staying with a “much older” man.

Maria Mino went missing six days ago, and was last seen at her home on Maugham Drive in Bucklands Beach, in east Auckland, New Zealand.

She made contact with her family on Thursday evening, but the parents are still concerned about her wellbeing as she has not returned home.

Now, police have spoken out, urging the public to report any sighting of the 12-year-old.

“While we do not have immediate concerns for her safety, we are still concerned that she is in the company of persons much older than herself,” police said.

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“She is believed to be associating with adults who are not immediate or wider whānau (extended family or community) members.”

It is believed she is most likely with an older male in west Auckland or in the Auckland CBD area.

A police spokesperson said the man lived at an address in the west Auckland suburb of Glen Eden. Police have been unable to contact him.

Maria’s parents said they remain concerned about her welfare despite her contacting them and asked members of the public to phone the police should they spot her.

Over in the US, Ricardo Omar Serrano Cabrera, who vanished after walking out of his home in August 2017, has finally been found six years later.

He was 28 years old and had a job as a mechanic when he became the latest in a long line of missing people in Mexico.

He had left his home in Mexico City on August 4, 2017 and traveled to the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado in Sonora, with the intention of crossing the border into the US.

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