Girlfriend of dentist who killed his wife on safari is sentenced to prison

The girlfriend of a convicted murderer has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for being an accessory to the crime as together they "destroyed a family".

Lori Milliron, 65, was charged alongside Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph, a U.S. dentist who was convicted last year of fatally shooting his wife, Bianca Rudolph, 57, while on a 2016 hunting trip in Zambia.

Grieving relatives of the slain woman told the alleged accomplice that she had destroyed their family.

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Ana Rudolph, daughter of 57-year-old victim Bianca Rudolph, said that Milliron had “plotted to eliminate” her mother.

Addressing Milliron in court, the bereaved daughter said: “Lori, you have taken my parents. But despite everything you have done you will never take my soul.

"This might be difficult to understand … because you don’t have one.”

Standing in front of the judge on Friday (June 23), Milliron insisted she was innocent of the crimes but said she was “sympathetic” to the Rudolph family.

Milliron was convicted last year of perjury, being an accessory to a murder after the fact and obstructing a grand jury in a case that’s garnered national attention.

Despite John Dill, an attorney for Milliron arguing that the 17-year prison sentence was "excessive", Judge William J. Martínez argued that it was deserved because the evidence pointed to Milliron “encouraging” the crime.

The judge also noted that that Milliron seemed “unrepentant” in part because he she appeared to be emotionally unmoved when she was shown graphic images and listening to wrenching testimony during the trial.

After Bianca's death, Rudolph claimed his wife accidentally shot herself while packing to leave Zambia for the United States.

Later, Rudolph collected millions in accidental death insurance payments.

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Ultimately authorities saw through the alleged killer's lies and Rudolph was charged with murder in 2021 after an FBI investigation took place

He maintains that his late wife of 34 years accidentally killed herself, but prosecutors countered that evidence showed that that was impossible because the wound to her heart came from a shot fired from 2 to 3.5 feet away.

Rudolph's sentencing was originally set for this week, however it has been postponed.

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