Glam singer found dead in bathtub of music boss hotel room after drug overdose

A glamorous singer was found dead in the bathtub of her music boss' hotel room following the intake of a drugs cocktail.

Said beverage left Camila Sterling, 24, dead in the luxury Miami Beach hotel after spending the night with David Bolno, 46, at the five-star Setai Hotel.

A newly released examiners report says the pair spent the night together, before which Camila had taken up a series of drugs including MDMA, ketamine and a "pink powdery substance" which was a type of cocaine.

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Mr Bolno was cleared of any involvement in the death as he was seen on security camera footage at 4.30am heading to the airport to head home to his family.

David, a music management alumni of NKSFB, had left the hotel in the early hours to return to his wife and two kids, hours before Ms Sterling ordered room service to the £2,000-a-night room.

Camila's death was ruled as an accident following the cocktail of narcotics, with the Colombian-made pink cocaine found in the hotel room.

The designer drug is dyed with strawberry food dye and has traces of caffeine and ketamine in it also, Daily Mail reported.

Ms Sterling, who was described as a non-drinker and non-smoker by her family, was found dead and wrapped in a towel at the hotel.

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Mr Bolno said of the tragic death: "I really liked her. I was helping her make music. It was a terrible tragedy. I had vacated the room in the earlier part of the morning, so I wasn't there when they found her."

A report confirmed Mr Bolno had left at 4.30am and a "welfare check was conducted" around 12pm when hotel staff saw no checkout had been made.

The report read: "In the hotel room, there were an unknown pink powdery substance located on the coffee table along with a clear baggie with the same substance. A cut drinking straw was next to the substance."

An autopsy has since revealed two white pills in Ms Sterling's stomach as well as positive IDs on methamphetamine, amphetamine, MDMA, Ketamine, oxycodone and Alprazolam.

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