Golden retriever freaks everyone out by playing dead in the middle of a bath

A hilarious video shows a golden retriever lying completely still like he's out cold in the middle of his bath time – with frantic viewers even claiming it likes the pooch has died.

In the clip, the comatose-looking dog lies on his side in the soapy bathtub, which luckily isn't filled with water so the napping pooch can breathe.

The dog, utterly motionless while his owner scrubs his fur with the soap suds, doesn't even respond when he is tapped on the side.

"Is he dead?" jokes an on-screen caption.

The dog is tapped several more times without even twitching, with the owner writing "Hi Sir?" on the footage as they continue to try and prod him awake.

Looking blissed-out after his massage, the pooch doesn't respond.

The video of the sleepy golden retriever was uploaded on TikTok by user @dogdogbuddies with the caption "drown in the bubble shower?".

It quickly got more than 1.2 million “likes” and thousands of comments, although not everyone was thought it was a joke and some people sounded quite anxious about the pup's health.

One person wrote: “He’s relaxed way too much.”

“Plot twist he’s dead,” said a viewer.

Someone else commented: “He’s dead! When he taps him he doesn’t even flinch!”

“Where is the joke supposed to be,” said an upset-sounding dog lover.

“He couldn’t take the pressure so he just went astroplane mode,” quipped another user.

Other people confessed to watching the video three times or more just to try and work out if he was breathing or giving any signs of life.

Fortunately, the other videos uploaded since the bath incident show that the sleepy pooch is indeed alive and well – just enjoying a deep slumber at the time.

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