Golden retriever helps toddler girl get into her bed in heartwarming clip

A dog owner was left in joyful tears when she saw her pet dog helping her granddaughter get into bed.

Niuniu the golden retriever has melted hearts over social media after the video emerged of her giving the toddler a lift.

A viral video liked more than 672,000 times shows the three-year-old pooch resting on her little wooden bed while her human friend is getting into bed.

The girl struggles to reach the mattress as she lifts her leg up and pulls the duvet.

Niuniu notices and springs to action to help her out.

She crawls between the girl and the bed and quietly lies on the floor, transforming herself into a "moving stool" and allowing the toddler to step on her.

The girl gently climbs up and crawls into the bed.

The owner wrote in the post: "Niuniu's moves left me crying instantly, please treat and take care of your furry friends."

She explained that her granddaughter had only been staying at home with her for a few day and Niuniu enjoyed spending time with her.

Viewers were touched by the loving pooch and many praised Niuniu's loyalty.

One said: "We don't deserve dogs, especially golden retrievers! Niuniu is so loyal to the little master."

Another wrote: "This is so heartwarming. This is the reason why people should stop eating dog meat."

Meanwhile, a goldendoodle has left his owner in stitches when she was locked up in a playpen for stealing her sibling's food.

Desperate Indigo made her way across the living room by hopping in the playpen while her brother Koa was having his meal.

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