Google Maps spots Afghanistan fort that could belong to anti-Taliban fighters

A Google Maps fan was exploring the desert in Afghanistan when they uncovered a secluded fortress that could potentially be being used to train resistance fighters to tackle the Taliban.

Reddit user u/Enderpirate posted an aerial view of the building which is located 60km away from the nearest town at the coordinates of @31.00786858, 64.87371091.

The post with 88 upvotes read: "I found something in the middle of the Reg desert in Afghanistan. Probably an old fortress nearly 60km away from nearest inhabited areas."

Fans of the subreddit dedicated to bizarre finds of the app, r/GoogleMaps were left wondering what it could be used for.

One user said: "Wow this thing is so off the spot.. who and why lmao."

Another wrote: "It's my Total War Alexander hideout."

A third said: "Qal‘ah-ye Ḩowẕ ruins is the best description I can find."

The news comes just six months after reports of Afghan resistance fighters honing their skills SAS-style in a mountain fortress as they pledged to crush the Taliban.

The 'Lions of Panjshir' was seen balancing wooden logs on their shoulders while wading through water as they built up their strength while awaiting the arrival of enemy forces.

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The Panjshir Valley, located in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, is the last region in the country holding out against the Taliban.

Resistance military forces have also been seen carrying weapons and marching through the mountains.

Hundreds of anti-Taliban fighters, known as the Northern Alliance, have vowed to crush the jihadi rulers and defend the 170,000 residents of the valley.

The Taliban regained control of the region in August last year after thousands were evacuated in August 2021 in what is now known as the summer offensive.

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