Google Maps user finds eerie ‘mass grave for Covid victims’ in New York City

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A Google Maps user shared an eerie picture of what they believe is a mass grave for Covid victims in New York.

As the famous city became overwhelmed with the bodies of people killed by coronavirus, Hart Island once again stepped up as New York City's graveyard of last resort.

The overhead shot, posted on Reddit, shows an open plot of land with space for numerous bodies surrounded by trees and greenery.

One Reddit user responded: "This is kinda sad.

Another said: "The satellite image is dated from before they started needing to use it which I find pretty ominous."

The state of New York has suffered almost 50,000 Covid-19 deaths, with more than 30,000 of those in the city itself.

Hart Island, situated north east of the Bronx, has been used as a public cemetery for the homeless, people unidentified at the time of their death and for the mass burial of disease victims since 1869.

Recently it was reported that 10% of New York's coronavirus dead could end up buried in the mass graves on Hart Island.

It is estimated that a million people are interred on the island with around 1,500 burials carried out every year.

Google Maps users are often making eerie discoveries on the site.

One recently spotted a Soviet tank parked on a quiet London street on the Street View tool.

And a TikTok user found what they believed were a "pile of skeletal remains" near to the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in modern day Ukraine.

The video shows the inside the hollow remains of the power plant that is still just about standing.

The Ukrainian town was evacuated after the explosion of Reactor 4 in 1986 and has been uninhabited ever since.

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