Google Maps user in tears after finding pic of nan seven years after she died

A man from Liverpool made an emotional discovery on Google Maps after finding a photo of his nan who passed away seven years ago.

Mike Doyle was using Google Map’s Street View feature to scroll back through images from 2012 when he recognised his late nan alongside his grandad.

Taking to Twitter with the image, Mike said: “My Nan passed away in 2015, so it’s great to see Google Maps have recently added a feature to see old street views, like this one of her going out with my Grandad in 2012.

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“My Grandad still lives on to this day, at 90 and he’ll be made up when I show him this.”

Street View is a feature on Google Maps which lets users explore roads via interactive panoramas.

It’s accessible by dropping the yellow person icon onto a blue line on Google Maps.

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The discovery prompted others to search for lost loved ones on old Street View images., reports the Liverpool Echo.

Ken said: “Thank you for posting this, I’ve just put my old address into it and there’s my dad outside the house, I lost him almost 8 years ago and it’s absolutely made my day.”

Nikki said: “I found my son Daniel on Google Maps walking into our street back in June 2009, he passed away in October aged 21 after a long illness.”

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