Gran roped into boozy Wetherspoons Game overwhelmed at becoming viral star

A gran who was roped into a boozy Wetherspoons Game where she ended up with a table covered in pints and glasses of wine has said she is "overwhelmed" at becoming a viral star.

Brits fell in love with 77-year-old Josephine, or Nanna, from Sandbach, when her daughter Belinda and her partner Mark got her involved in 'Wetherspoons the Game', where strangers buy drinks for you via the Spoons app.

Josie, as she is also known, and husband Geoffrey were treated to what they thought would be a quiet "nightcap" at The George Inn in Sandbach, Cheshire, by son in law Mark Hamlet, but the evening quickly took a turn as the couple was plied with pints, wine and shots.

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Josie's daughter Belinda, who was also at the pub during the unexpectedly heavy drinking sesh, told the Daily Star her family had no idea how many drinks they'd receive and added that while her mum didn't really "understand the technology" she revelled in the newfound fame.

Josie herself told the Daily Star: "I’m overwhelmed by the reaction. It is raising awareness of Wetherspoons The Game and how that supports bringing people together. I hope others see how amazing this is and a way to spread happiness and joy."

Belinda told the Star yesterday (December 5) that her mother would be donating quite a chunk of money to Wetherspoons The Game's charity drive to feed homeless people in Brighton on December 11.

"The game itself is providing meals for the homeless and I’m delighted to support this through their next event. I encourage you to get involved!" Josie added.

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Belinda said she and her group got so much booze they spread the joy across the pub and handed it out.

"Lots of stuff arrived so we turned it [the game] off quite quick! However, there was an elderly couple sat next to us and a gentleman sat on his own so we passed on some of the drinks to them," she said, adding the family stayed for "a couple of hours."

"[Mum] had a couple of wines but avoided the shots. My goodness me, she's 77! We got her home safely anyway.

"She didn't do the shot, I can absolutely confirm."

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Chris Illman, creator of Wetherspoons The Game Facebook group, explained what will happen at the unique charity event in Brighton on December 11.

"We will head to the pub and upload a game at 18:00 asking for food, sealed soft drinks and snacks to be sent to our table, the food will all be brought out to us in take away boxes," he explained on the page.

"Then the food will be distributed amongst the homeless community and take food to local hostels."

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