Grand Designs saddest ever house taken off market as buyer enters sale talks

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    Grand Designs' ‘saddest ever’ house has been taken off the market after a mystery buyer entered ‘sale talks’, the Daily Star can reveal.

    The extraordinaryChesil Cliff Househas been up for sale for a whopping £10million since July last year.

    The clifftop mansion designed in the style of a lighthouse has sat empty for years due to development hell but it looks like the home may soon have a new owner.

    The property has been removed from the Knight Frank website as “terms of a sale” are being discussed with a "serious buyer".

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    A Knight Frank spokesperson said: “We are currently discussing terms of a sale with one interested party and, as such, have agreed to remove the property from the open market until further notice.”

    A Knight Frank source added: “When we have a potential buyer it is often the case that a property is removed from the website providing the client is happy to do so while further negotiations take place.

    "This does not mean that a property is ‘under offer’. However, once an offer has been accepted the property will then be put back on the website and listed as ’sold’.”

    Since appearing onChannel 4'sGrand Designs with his ambitious project in October 2019, owner Edward Short has been through the wringer with Covid, contractors and financial stress placing the project at a bitter stalemate.

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    The burden the white elephant of a house placed on Edward's personal life was also heavy as the exhausting process led him to separate from his wife Hazel.

    Edward is hoping that the sale of the sprawling cliffside mansion will help clear his whopping £7 millions worth of debt accrued from building the cursed mansion.

    When the Daily Star visited Chesil Cliff House, Nic Chbat from Match, who is also marketing the property, explained why it's so special.

    "This is the most expensive property in the area full stop and it will be for a long time to come," said Nic.

    "The nearest property to it is worth £5 million. It's double because of the location.

    "It's such an amazing location and obviously what Edward has built, it's phenomenal and it's notorious now.

    "Most people are pretty blown away when they first set eyes on it.

    "It's not one of those properties that you walk into and the spec is amazing because that isn't there yet.

    "It's the design, the position, that panoramic view. That's the uniqueness and also when you're travelling here you go through Croyde and you think 'I'm not here yet'. 'Where is it? Where is it?'

    "And you come right to the end and finally there it is sitting there like a little landmark of a jewel overlooking the whole of the coast.

    "You've got Lundy Island in the background and on a day like this, when you have all the colours and the light, it's like the South of France.

    "People say it's like the French Riviera because a lot of people don't know North Devon.

    "They know Cornwall, Rock, Padstow because it has all been hyped. But this area, although it's well known, it's under the radar but people know it now because of the house."

    Nic added that potential buyers aren't wanting to snap up the beautiful home because of the views. They want to live there because of the notoriety!

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    He says: "The notoriety of it has added to the value I think. A lot of the people we've spoken to are interested because of the notoriety, not necessarily because of the property. They're like, 'I want that."

    "I've got a client in Italy who's very, very interested and he's like 'I don't want the interiors pack. I'll bring all Italian marble'.

    "He only wants it…he doesn't know anything about North Devon. He's just said 'I've seen it everywhere. I want it because it works for me and everyone would see that I own it'.

    "It's all ego on his front. I doubt he's actually going to buy it. We've checked him out. He's legit and he could buy it if he wanted to. Whether he does or not we'll wait and see."


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