Great white shark ’15ft long’ turns ocean blood red tearing apart elephant seal

A great white shark was caught on video in the middle of a blood-thirsty feeding frenzy off the coast of California.

In the stunning footage, recorded by a shop worker, the ocean is churning as the Jaws-like fin of the apex predator cuts through the waves.

"Elephant seal bro," notes the person filming, adding, "Woah he's a big beast."

The excited shark then reaches the elephant seal and starts tearing apart its flesh, making the sea turn red and frothy with blood.

It continues to thrash wildly in the water, with its snout and jaws visible for a moment as it shakes its head to rip the seal up into pieces and devour it.

A voice shouts: "The size of that thing!"

The video was uploaded on YouTube by channel Lost Winds Dive Shop on October 31 and they claimed it was recorded by their employee Nathan Benge about 10 miles off the coast in San Clemente.

A sizeable beast, the great white shark was estimated to be 15ft in length.

While great white sharks are notoriously deadly predators, they are also opportunistic feeders and scavenge on floating corpses of whales and seals, as seen in the footage.

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This comes after a great white around 16ft long was recorded on video with a huge chunk of its tail missing – likely from having a fight with an even more formidable foe.

And a great white shark was caught being chased away from a beach by a hulking male elephant seal who hounded it back to the open water.

The shark put on a surprising turn of speed when it realised it had become the hunted.

Great white shark attacks on humans are rare but 2020 has been one of the deadliest years for shark-related deaths.

In Australia, six people have been killed in unprovoked shark attacks so far this year, despite the annual average of just one death.

A spearfisher in Australia recently came face to face with a great white and caught the hair-raising experience on video, but noted that the animal was more curious than threatening at the time.

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