Grumpy visitors to UKs smallest house complain its too small

There's just no pleasing some people.

While the UK's smallest house has a 4.4-star rating on Google, some tourists were left unimpressed by attraction located in the north Wales town of Conwy – unbelievably branding it "too small".

"Really tiny," slammed one reviewer, whilst another said they "couldn’t spend more than half an hour there".

Reviewers also complained about the lack of a kitchen or bathroom, while others have been left frustrated at the ability to only hold so few visitors at once.

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One local guide complained that they "could not fit in!" while another visitor said the house is a "Japanese tourist trap".

The house, which is just 122 inches tall and 72 inches wide, has a floor area of 3.05m by 1.8m.

The house has only a bedroom upstairs and a living area downstairs, with a water tap located under the stairs.

Entry is £1.50 for adults and £1 for under 16s.

The tiny home was built in the 16th century, and was still in use in 1900, when the house was occupied by Robert Jones, a 6ft 3 ins fisherman.

The rooms were too small for Jones to stand up in and he was forced to move out when the local council declared the small abode unfit for human habitation.

The house was built in a small gap left between two already built houses hundreds of years ago, in an attempt to add homes in what was a housing shortage at the time. The house is known as "smalls" in the local community.

The Guinness Book of Records confirmed the house's status as the smallest house in Great Britain in the early 1920s.

Robert Jones' family still own the house, which is now run and managed by Jan Tyley, his great-great-granddaughter.

She said: “Just because it lacks the mod cons by current standards does not mean that it was not lived in.

"In the 18th and 19th centuries it was not at all uncommon for poorer accommodation not to have either a bathroom or kitchen, with residents using communal toilet facilities and cooking over an open fire.

"The Smallest House is simply preserved as a testament to how simply some people had to live in years gone by.”

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In total, 55,000 people visit the house each year.

Some visitors enjoyed their visit to the house. "It’s a quirky piece of Conwy history that is just absolutely worth visiting", said one tourist.

“Worth sticking your head in… to make you appreciate what you have at home,” said another. “Great piece of history that needs to be kept.”


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