Gunman who killed two in shotgun rampage in New Zealand named and pictured

The gunman who allegedly killed two people and injured at least 10 more in a shooting rampage in Auckland city centre, New Zealand, has been named and pictured.

Local police said the man, named as Matu Tangi Matua Reid, had ‘a history of domestic violence’.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster also noted the gunman had indications of a history of mental illness.

Nevertheless, his history hadn’t led to think he could pose a “high level of risk” to the public, Mr Coster said.

He explained: “The individual is known for primarily family violence history. There is nothing to suggest that he has a higher level of risk than was indicated by that history.”

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The police officer added previous search had been carried out at the 24-year-old man’s property, but the force “never found him in possession of a firearm”.

At the time of the shooting, the gunman was serving a five-month home detention sentence for domestic violence charges which had been handed out by the Auckland District Court in late March.

However, the man who was reportedly wearing an ankle bracelet monitor, was allowed to travel from his residence to the building site where he had previously worked.

Jolene Cartwright, the co-general manager of the Turn Your Life Around Youth Development Trust, an organisation helping young people to live a life free from crime, recalled the association working with the gunman in 2017.

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She told the NZ Herald: “We’re all actually very devastated at the moment. It was some years ago, sort of 2017, when the young man was last on our programme, but we’re all still kind of reeling from all of that.

“We feel really devastated regarding the situation and everyone involved. It’s pretty traumatic at this point. It’s a complete set of tragic circumstances all around.”

The shooting began at a building site on busy Queen Street at approximately 7.20am on Thursday local time (7.20pm on Wednesday BST).

Armed with a pump-action shotgun, the man allegedly fired his weapon while moving through the building.

After reaching the upper levels, police said the gunman is said to have “contained himself within the elevator shaft”.

Officers, who found two people already dead upon their arrival at the site, located the man inside the elevator shaft some 40 minutes after the rampage had begun.

Mr Coster said: “Shots were exchanged, and the offender was later located deceased.”

The tragedy struck hours before the Women’s World Cup kicked off in the city.

New Zealand prime minister Chris Hipkins, who visited the shooting scene, said the event would proceed as planned and the “standalone incident” would not impact the level of national security risk.

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