Halloween actor spills spooky job secrets – lactating blood and real ghosts

A woman who has spooked hundreds of people over the years has revealed the weirdest things she saw in her job as a Halloween actor.

Jessica Kingsley, 40, who runs "magical requests", has had some rather strange demands during the Halloween season – when the barrier between the realm of the living and that of the dead is supposedly at its weakest.

She says that no event is ever the same and has even become freaked out herself while playing the roles of sinister and creepy characters each year.

Speaking about the time she felt an eerie presence on the job, she said: "Once we drove out to Suffolk to haunt a Victorian manor house – there was one room which was a children’s playroom.

"I was hiding in there as a Victorian child ghost and I swear I saw a real ghost."

She explained: "My story was a sad tale about an orphan forced to live in the workhouse and how she died in a factory accident.

"It was quiet and dark in the playroom with just some candles for atmosphere.

"I looked over at my reflection in the mirror except I saw my reflection moving and then noticed that my dress was more fitted and my wig darker than I remembered.

"I stood up and walked towards the mirror only to realise that standing behind me in my reflection was the ghost of a child.

"I was ready to run out the room when I heard the guests coming upstairs. When I looked back in the mirror she was gone!"

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Jessica, who has run Magical Quests for over 15 years, said she has since experienced another venue being haunted whilst on the job.

She recalled the time she had transformed a library in Merton, southwest London into a haunted event for a group of teenagers which "totally freaked them out".

"I played a librarian on the hunt for a missing book that we believed had been stolen by a ghost who didn’t like the story," she said.

"We went into the basement and found some weird old books and we opened one and no joke we found some bones in it and a death certificate.

"After dinner, the kids left [ and as ] I was locking up, I heard a door slam and someone running around upstairs.

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"The caretaker who was with me said 'leave it don’t go up there'.

"It turns out the library really was haunted."

The mum-of-two and her team have dressed up as twisted Disney characters, bloody lactating nurses, mental patients on the loose and more – she shares with us how to come up with the perfect outfit.

Jessica says she was requested one year to take over a bar in south London that wanted a 'Hospital of Death' theme because many of their customers were medical students.

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"We had bleeding lactating nurses, psychiatric patients on the loose, doctors and nurses administering medicine in the form of Bloody Marys and lots of walking wounded.

"The lactating nurses was a weird idea I can not remember where I got that. Perhaps because I was pregnant at the time."

This year in preparation for Halloween, the mum dressed up as Cruella using one real Dalmatian in her photoshoot.

"I think it’s really fun and easy to turn cute Disney characters into dark ones," she said.

"I mean you could do Queen Elsa who has turned all blue and looks frozen.

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"Snow White deathly pale after being poisoned by the apple and more of a zombie than a sleeping princess."

Further offering tips on how to dress up on Halloween, she said: "I usually start with a theme for example – gothic Victorian ghosts, gruesome fairy tales, hospital of death and from there I think of characters.

"It can help to watch a film or read a book based on the characters.

"When choosing a character just make sure the costume is comfortable and feels good. Especially if you want to party.

"Sometimes simple is best."

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